24 Apr 2020

Click here to visit: pikeselectric.lux52.com

In the mood to shop? We now have an NEW online catalog filled with fixtures from crystal chandeliers, to pendant lights, fans, exterior post lights, coach lights, vanities, and so much more to see!

Our service department takes pride in helping you find the fixture or fixtures your heart desires. Give us a call today to be linked directly to the catalog or follow the instructions below!

Here’s how it works.

Using your favorite web browser, visit: pikeselectric.lux52.com

The home page looks a little something like this:

At the bottom of the page, you can sort to see fixtures from Bathroom Lighting, Mid Size Chandeliers, Close to Ceiling, Exterior Lighting, and Pendants. Click on the type of fixture you would like to shop for.

You can also sort at the top of the page by Products. Which will take you to this page:

From here, you are able to shop for other types of fixtures, including sconce lighting, fans, and others. You can shop by the brand of fixtures as well if you are interested in a certain brand product.

Let us do the hard work…

If you find a fixture or multiple items you are interested in, you can “Wish List” those items under your name. Here’s how:

Let’s say you like this Nuvo Chandelier seen below:

Click the “Add to Wishlist” button.

This will prompt you to register as a customer if you have not already. Rest assured, this registration only requires your first and last name, phone number, and an email and password creation. This information is not shared to any third parties. This allows our service department to see who the Wish List belongs to and communicate availability and pricing of your items.

I still need help…

Not a problem. Call our office 352-748-6251 and ask to be connected to the service department. Julie and Casandra are available at our normal business hours to assist with accessing the site.