03 Feb 2014

Protect Your Home or Business from Power Surges

A power surge is a sudden increase in electronic voltage. Most people associate power surges with a nearby lighting strike. But power surges are a far more common; they are usually small and generally go unnoticed. These small surges can occur many times per day and can damage sensitive electronic equipment. Power surges are not just created by outside events such as electrical storms, surges can also be created by appliance in your home or business, such as freezers, furnaces, copy machines, vacuums, etc.

Of course, the most catastrophic damage normally occurs as the result of a nearby lighting strike or major storm. Other events can cause surges, such as power lines or utility poles that are damaged by fallen trees, car accidents or even animal activity. These surges can enter your home or business not just through the power lines, but also through phone or cable TV lines.

To protect your home or business from power surges, you can begin by installing a “circuit panel” style surge suppression device. This device can reduce the spikes, or completely stop the spikes before then enter.  This is good protection for major appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, water heaters and air conditioners.

But you shouldn’t stop there. For additional protection surge suppression devices should be installed within 15 feet of sensitive electronics. This is typically accomplished with the standard surge protection plug-in units.

Pikes’s Electric recommends surge protection plug-in units for all of your electronic devices.  Surge suppression systems such as “circuit panels” should be installed by locally utility companies, or qualified electricians such as our highly trained professionals.