01 Jun 2023

Is your home protected?

What is a “power surge”?
A power surge is a sudden increase or decrease in the flow of electricity. These power surges can occur in your home internally from motors/equipment malfunctioning (such as air conditioners, garage door openers, washers, dryers, refrigerators, vacuums, etc.) but also externally from utility power company transfers/maintenance, damaged power lines, car accidents to a power pole, etc. Most commonly, power surges can occur during inclement weather conditions, hurricane season, and of course, the random Florida PM thunderstorms. However, do not be fooled, these surges can happen anytime, rain or shine. These surges can enter your home and spread from different routes, such as low voltage (cable or phone lines).

What can I do to protect my home from a power surge?
To protect your home from power surges, you can begin by installing a “circuit panel” style surge suppression device. This device can reduce the spikes, or completely stop the spikes before they enter through the panel and disperse throughout your home.  This is good protection method for major appliances such as washers, dryers, ovens/ranges, refrigerators, water heaters, air conditioners, and so much more. 

In the Villages, Pike’s Electric has been using the Eaton Ultra CHSPT2ULTRA “Whole Home” surge protection model for over a decade. Not only have we installed these in all of our customers’ homes who have invested in this protection, most of our employees as well have installed them for their own homes. Backed with a LIMITED LIFETIME manufacturer warranty, the product comes with peace of mind that if a surge occurs while you are away, your valuables have a blanket of protection. The limited lifetime warranty covers any damages to your home’s valuables if you take a surge with the device installed, but it also covers getting the CHSPT2ULTRA device replaced new and directly shipped to your home for replacement.

But you shouldn’t stop there. For additional protection, surge suppression devices should be installed within 15 feet of sensitive electronics. This is typically accomplished with the standard surge protection plug-in units, “surge strips”, and other point-of-use surge devices. We also suggest you consult with your internet/phone/cable company for any protection they may offer on their equipment. Surges can travel through low voltage lines (including your irrigation system) which may travel through to your phone/internet/cable lines from the low voltage panel. T.V.s, entertainment systems, internet equipment, gaming consoles, etc. are susceptible to this route of surge. Without protection or insurance from your internet/TV provider, you may be faced with replacing those items as well. 

One of the most common questions we get: I have the surge protection device installed by my power company. Am I able to have the Eaton Ultra installed as well? Should I install both?
Yes, absolutely. As long as your panel or meter main/main breeaker (whichever applies) has two open  breaker spaces, we will be able to install the CHSPT2ULTRA Eaton Ultra. The power company surge protection is great for any surge that may travel into the home through the meter. This is one route a surge can take. Our protector, is installed in the interior of the home at the panel box or at your main breaker location. Thus gives even more protection for any route a surge may travel through, if for some reason the surge is strong enough to pass through the meter and continue into the home’s panel and circuits. Without this protection with the Eaton Ultra, you may be at risk of losing/having to replace the major appliances in your home if the surge is strong enough to damage the sensitive internal components.

Will the Eaton Ultra protect my T.V.s and/or computers?
A power surge through a low voltage line (irrigation/phone/internet lines) is a very common route. Thus, if you have cable boxes wired in to the walls and then wired to your TVs, along with modems, or routers, they may be at risk to that type of power surge. Point-of-use protection devices, or surge strips, are highly suggested for electronics in addition to the Eaton Ultra. Our advice, protect all areas as much as possible with multiple surge protection devices. When shopping for surge strips, take a look at the cost and the rating of surge strength. “You get what you pay for” is our verbatim. Another good piece of advice we have, if possible, when you know inclement weather may be approaching – Unplug ANY electronics from wall sockets/surge strips completely. This is the only way you can ensure you will not put those items at risk.

How much does a Eaton Ultra Surge protector install cost?
Our surge protection installations start at $545.00 (Restrictions apply). The Eaton Ultra requires (2) free breaker spaces in the panel as mentioned above. Without the panel space due to a full panel or service, this price will not apply. If you have any questions on the further requirements for this installation or to schedule, you are welcome to contact our Service Department at 352-748-6251. We will walk you through the process and schedule one of our skilled technicians to install the unit as soon as possible.

We encourage you to visit Eaton’s website for further information directly from the manufacturer, including warranty guides: